Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Using the photoshop templates


1. Download a template file: one large image, four images, or multiple images. (Image to the right is the Google Docs Screen)

2. Open the file in Photoshop.

3. Make sure you can view Layers. Go to the top bar and click on WINDOW, then select LAYERS.

4. Everything in the template file is on a layer. If you are confused about which layer to use, then click off the eye on the left side of the layer. It will help you see which layer you are working in.

5. Change your name in the STUDENT NAME layer by clicking on the TEXT tool on the left toolbar. You can change the font if you want in this layer.

6. The IMAGE SIZE of the Gallery Card Templates all have a RESOLUTION of 180.

7. Open up the images you want to add to the gallery card Photoshop. You need to change the resolution of your images to 180 to match the template's resolution. Go to IMAGE, and then select IMAGE SIZE. Change the resolution, and click okay.

8. Once you have changed your image size on your image, SELECT ALL (under EDIT), and then COPY. Go back to the gallery card template, and PASTE the image into your invitation card. To resize your image to fit onto the template, go to EDIT at the top, then select FREE TRANSFORM. To resize, click on a box at any corner and pull it where you want it. You can move it up by clicking inside the photo. Once you have it to the right size then hit RETURN to save the changes. To move the image into place, use the ARROW tool on the leftside toolbar.

9. Repeat this until you have all your images right.



Look at the layer box on the right side. Click on the TEXT layer that has disappeared and click on it and DRAG it up above the images you have added.

10. Save your gallery card as a JPG.

You can print your photos at any of the following places:




Office Depot

Many of these sites allow you to upload the JPG file so it can be printed before you go to the store to pick them up. If you are not uploading then check each site for what format to bring the photo files.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

End of Semester Assignments

AP Breakfast on May 18th
1. Art Show.
a. You will need to hang or showcase 6 to 7 works.
b. If 2D, one work should be on an easel. All other 2D work will be on standing displays. All works on paper MUST be matted. Works on canvas stretchers MUST be finished on the outsides.
c. All 3D work will be on tables and bookcases in the media center. Each surface should be covered in black or an appropriate color.
d. For each work, you will have a card with your name, Portfolio section (Breadth/Concentration), and title of the work in 12 pt Arial font, 3 rows with your name bolded. CLICK HERE FOR THE NAME CARD TEMPLATE. You will need to print your Concentration statement in 14 pt, Arial font. Each card will be backed on black construction paper. CLICK HERE FOR THE CONCENTRATION TEMPLATE (Project Grade)

2. Set-up. You are expected to help set-up after school on Tuesday, May 17th, and to take down the show by 3rd period on Wednesday, May 18th. (1/2 of a journal grade).

3. Breakfast. Each student is expected to contribute to the AP Breakfast, $

4. Gallery Photo Card. Use a class template for your gallery card. There are three to choose from: MULTIPLE PHOTOS, 1 LARGE IMAGE, and 4 IMAGES. Once you have created your card, you will need to have printed on Photo paper (Target, CVS, Office Depot, etc.) You need 10 cards – I will receive one. THIS IS DUE NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 16TH. (1/2 of a journal grade)

2D Senior Mural Participation All 2D seniors are expected to complete a mural by Wednesday, May 18th. See Mr. Marstall for details. (journal grade)

3D Senior & Junior Participation all others are expected to take part in cleaning the AP art room. (journal grade)

Final Exam – (Senior exam will be Thursday, May 19th)
For your Final you will formally present your portfolio to the class using the following guidelines:

1. Create a Power Point using the photos you uploaded to the AP Portfolio site.
a. Begin with your Breadth, second is your Concentration, and last is your Quality.
b. For Concentration, you need to include a commentary slide.
c. You need to include titles for each section and each section should be in the order you uploaded your images to your portfolio.
d. The transitions and animations for this presentation should be formal and the same throughout.
e. This Power Point MUST be turned in to Ms. Munson on the Final Day!

2. For the Presentation to the class, you will need to cover the following information:
a. Why did you choose the order of your portfolio sections?
b. Use the three skill levels to explain your ordering: Compositional Skill, Technical Skill, and Artistic Skill.
c. For Concentration, discuss how you arrived at your concentration. What were the difficulties you went through to come up with your Concentration Concept?
d. In the Quality section, you need to explain your reasoning for the pieces you included in this section.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 25 - 29


Studio Night is Thursday, April 28th. We will work on resizing and uploading images to the AP site.

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18-22


Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28 - April 1

We have less than a month to go before the Portfolio must be ready for submission!! Yikes!!!

All students have met with me to discuss what is left to complete. Here are some ideas for Breadth:

Our next critique day is Monday, April 11. We will begin to talk about which pieces will be quality.
Our next Studio night is Thursday, April 14th.

work. Work. WORK.